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Mixed-Up Square Thru is a square dance call that used to be on the C2 list.


badge Mixed-Up Squares is a club name that I made up at a Challenge square dance weekend in southern California around 1990. The name reveals my frustration with dancers who seem constantly confused, or “mixed up.” Milt Strong made badges for us, and soon everyone wanted one. We had to draw up rules for how one would become a member. One example rule was that if you are dancing at a C2 workshop and you fail to properly execute Fan the Top (a Plus level call), you are eligible.


The first version of the web site went online in my UC Santa Cruz account in the fall of 1996; it was just an HTML flier for the 1997 PACE Nor-Cal Spectacular. But the site didn't really take off until we started round dancing with Jim Chico in 1998, and we posted cue sheets to help us learn the dances. We also posted scanned fliers that I found at various festivals. I registered the mixed-up.com domain name in February, 1998. These square dance web sites have been online for more than 20 years.


The webmaster is Mark Brautigam.

The following people contributed major portions of this web site:

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