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Clubs that meet today (Thursday).

Buttons and Bows Auburn ThursdayThu Plus
Goldancers Grass Valley ThursdayThu MainstreamMS, Plus
Guys and Dolls of Sacramento Sacramento ThursdayThu MainstreamMS
Main Street Strollers Placerville ThursdayThu Plus, Rounds
TNTs Roseville, Orangevale Thursday, FridayThu, Fri C1, C2, C3
Redlands B&B's Redlands ThursdayThu Plus
San Gabriel Valley B&B's Arcadia Sunday, ThursdaySun, Thu Plus, Rounds
Oakdale Squares Oakdale ThursdayThu A2
Do Paso Squares Paso Robles ThursdayThu MainstreamMS, Plus
Neil Booth Riverside, Yucaipa Monday, ThursdayMon, Thu Rounds
Shirley Ivins Hemet, San Jacinto Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, FridayTue, Wed, Thu, Fri Rounds
Star Twirlers Yucca Valley ThursdayThu Plus
Windmill Twirlers Palm Springs ThursdayThu MainstreamMS
Blue Jay Squares Hesperia ThursdayThu MainstreamMS
Dudes & Daisies Mt. Shasta ThursdayThu Plus
Swingin' Squares Red Bluff ThursdayThu Plus
Ridge Runners Paradise ThursdayThu Plus
Elks 'n' Does Alameda ThursdayThu Plus
Clutch Busters Concord ThursdayThu Plus
Pioneer Squares San Bruno ThursdayThu Basic
Eric's Eagles San Rafael ThursdayThu A1-A2
Yolo Travelers West Sacramento ThursdayThu A2
Ukiah Promenaders Ukiah ThursdayThu Plus
Ocean Wavers Vista ThursdayThu MainstreamMS, Plus
Promenaders Escondido ThursdayThu Plus
Wranglers San Diego ThursdayThu Plus
Skirts & Flirts Hayward ThursdayThu Plus
Lucky Steppers San Jose ThursdayThu MainstreamMS, Plus
Interlocked Squares Cupertino ThursdayThu C1
CPSD San Jose ThursdayThu Plus
Sunnyvale Squares Sunnyvale Tuesday, ThursdayTue, Thu Plus
Flying A's San Diego ThursdayThu A2
Single Spinners San Diego ThursdayThu Rounds
Peat Dusters Stockton ThursdayThu Plus
Black Gold Cloggers Bakersfield ThursdayThu Clogging
Dam Dancers Lake Isabella ThursdayThu Plus
Joaquin Squares Bakersfield ThursdayThu Plus
Mountain Squares Frazier Park ThursdayThu Plus
Travelin' Pioneers Clovis ThursdayThu Plus
Guys and Dolls Los Angeles Thursday, FridayThu, Fri Plus
Honeycombers Torrance, Rolling Hills Estates Thursday, SaturdayThu, Sat Plus
Major Keys Whittier ThursdayThu Plus
Orange Coast Lariats Orange SaturdaySat Plus
Aces & Deuces Palmdale ThursdayThu Plus
Shoreline Squares Long Beach ThursdayThu MainstreamMS, Plus
Carousel Club 364 San Diego ThursdayThu Rounds
Romney's Stars Garden Grove, Westminster ... Laguna Woods, Hemet, Riverside Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, ThursdayMon, Tue, Wed, Thu Plus, A2, C1
Hathaway Sill Fair Oaks, Placerville Tuesday, Wednesday, ThursdayTue, Wed, Thu Rounds
Circle 'n Squares Santa Rosa ThursdayThu MainstreamMS, Plus, Rounds
Motivators Reno, NV ThursdayThu A1, A2
Redwood Rainbows Sebastopol Monday, Tuesday Thursday, SaturdayMon, Tue Thu, Sat MainstreamMS, Plus, A2, A2, C1, C2
High Desert Stars Lancaster ThursdayThu A2, C1
Otto Somis Friday, Sunday, SaturdayFri, Sun, Sat Rounds
Finch Cypress Cypress ThursdayThu Rounds
Loder Garden Grove ThursdayThu Rounds
Stardusters Las Vegas, NV ThursdayThu MainstreamMS, Plus
London Bridge Squares Lake Havasu, AZ ThursdayThu MainstreamMS, Plus
Dayton Silver Squares Dayton, NV ThursdayThu MainstreamMS, Plus
High Desert Dancers Sparks, NV ThursdayThu MainstreamMS, Plus


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