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Clubs that meet today (Tuesday).

Diamond Dancers Galt Monday, TuesdayMon, Tue MainstreamMS, Plus, A1, A2, C1
Sacramento Cued Ballroom Dance Club Sacramento TuesdayTue Rounds
Whirl-A-Ways Roseville TuesdayTue A2
Glendale B&B's Glendale TuesdayTue Plus
Rancho Cucamonga B&B's Rancho Cucamonga TuesdayTue Plus
Magic Squares San Diego Monday, Tuesday, WednesdayMon, Tue, Wed C1, C2
Valley Twirlers El Cajon TuesdayTue Plus
Round Robins Hughson TuesdayTue Rounds
Twain Harte Twirlers Soulsbyville TuesdayTue MainstreamMS, Plus
Shirley Ivins Hemet, San Jacinto Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, FridayTue, Wed, Thu, Fri Rounds
Eileen and Bob Silvia Garden Grove, Rancho Cucamonga Sunday, Tuesday, WednesdaySun, Tue, Wed Rounds
Riverside Single Swingers Grand Terrace TuesdayTue Plus
Thunderbirds Apple Valley TuesdayTue Plus
Hand N Hand Mission Viejo TuesdayTue MainstreamMS
Krazy Squares Gridley TuesdayTue MainstreamMS, Plus
Center Wheelers Susanville TuesdayTue MainstreamMS, Plus
Round Abouts Mt. Shasta TuesdayTue Rounds
Martinez Swingers Martinez TuesdayTue A1-A2
Pleasanton Singles & Pairs Pleasanton TuesdayTue Plus
Redwood Coasters Fort Bragg TuesdayTue Plus
Roadrunners San Mateo TuesdayTue Plus
Swinging 21ers Fremont TuesdayTue Plus
Twin City Steppers Suisun City TuesdayTue Plus
Double SD's Vista TuesdayTue A2
Sandpipers Encinitas TuesdayTue MainstreamMS, Plus
Calaveras Twirlers Valley Springs TuesdayTue Plus
Sage Stompers Seaside TuesdayTue Plus
Mountain View Squares Mountain View TuesdayTue Basic
Castaways Santa Clara TuesdayTue MainstreamMS
Sunnyvale Squares Sunnyvale Tuesday, ThursdayTue, Thu Plus
Lodi Promenaders Lodi TuesdayTue Plus
Bootjack Stompers Mariposa TuesdayTue Plus
Silver Steppers Garden Grove Sunday, TuesdaySun, Tue Rounds
Tinseltown Squares West Hollywood Monday, TuesdayMon, Tue MainstreamMS, Plus, A1, A2, C1, C2, C3A
Valley Trailers Northridge Tuesday, SaturdayTue, Sat MainstreamMS, Plus, A1
Grin 'N' Square It El Monte TuesdayTue MainstreamMS, Plus
Western Weavers Burbank TuesdayTue Plus
Galaxy Rounds Sunnyvale Sunday, TuesdaySun, Tue Rounds
Garzienda Vista Tuesday, Wednesday, SaturdayTue, Wed, Sat Rounds
Romney's Stars Garden Grove, Westminster ... Laguna Woods, Hemet, Riverside Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, ThursdayMon, Tue, Wed, Thu Plus, A2, C1
Hathaway Sill Fair Oaks, Placerville Tuesday, Wednesday, ThursdayTue, Wed, Thu Rounds
Lead and Follow Sun Valley TuesdayTue Rounds
Redwood Rainbows Sebastopol Monday, Tuesday Thursday, SaturdayMon, Tue Thu, Sat MainstreamMS, Plus, A2, A2, C1, C2
Diablo Dancers Martinez TuesdayTue MainstreamMS, Plus, A2
Three Rivers Three Rivers TuesdayTue MainstreamMS, Plus
Boots and Slippers Rounds Simi Valley TuesdayTue Rounds
Carousel Club 36 Long Beach Monday, Tuesday, SaturdayMon, Tue, Sat Rounds
Carousel Club 303 Cypress TuesdayTue Rounds
Mel Branham at Laguna Woods Laguna Woods TuesdayTue Rounds
Reel Rebels Las Vegas, NV TuesdayTue A2
Western Squares Reno, NV TuesdayTue MainstreamMS, Plus
Wild Bill's Posse Sparks, NV TuesdayTue Plus, A1


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