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Clubs that meet today (Friday).

TNTs Roseville, Orangevale Thursday, FridayThu, Fri C1, C2, C3
Alpine Squares Lakeside FridayFri Plus
Shirley Ivins Hemet, San Jacinto Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, FridayTue, Wed, Thu, Fri Rounds
Hi-Country Handicapable Dancers Sky Forest FridayFri Basic
Vaca Valley Ramblers Vacaville FridayFri MainstreamMS, Plus, A1, A2, Rounds
Buzzin' Boots Novato FridayFri A1, A2
Advanced Squares Fremont FridayFri A2
PACE NorCal Palo Alto ..., Martinez, Menlo Park, Vallejo, Concord, Castro Valley, San Jose, Pleasant Hill Friday, Saturday, SundayFri, Sat, Sun A2, C1, C2, C3A, C3B
Sizzling Squares San Mateo FridayFri C1
Westminster Squares San Jose FridayFri MainstreamMS, Plus
Mountain View Squares Mountain View FridayFri MainstreamMS
Katydids Santa Clara FridayFri Plus
Kids Fun Club San Jose FridayFri Plus
Circulators San Diego FridayFri Plus
Ramblin Rogues Mission Viejo FridayFri Plus
Dancing Stars Garden Grove FridayFri Plus
Fun Wuns Westminster FridayFri A1
Guys and Dolls Los Angeles Thursday, FridayThu, Fri Plus
Heels and Souls West Los Angeles FridayFri Plus
Ramblin' Rogues Mission Viejo FridayFri Plus
Sets In Step La Canada FridayFri MainstreamMS, Plus
PACE Temple City ..., Manhattan Beach, Westminster Friday, Saturday, SundayFri, Sat, Sun C1, C2, C3A, C3, C4
Cook's Barn Orangevale Friday, Saturday, SundayFri, Sat, Sun C1, C2, C3A, C3, C4
Phantom Squares Canoga Park Friday, Saturday, SundayFri, Sat, Sun A2, C1, C2, C3A
Sharpshooters Clovis, Fresno Friday, SundayFri, Sun MainstreamMS, Plus, A2
Otto Somis Friday, Sunday, SaturdayFri, Sun, Sat Rounds
Keller Smith Buena Park, La Mirada, Redondo Beach Monday, Wednesday, Sunday, FridayMon, Wed, Sun, Fri Rounds
Good Times Las Vegas, NV FridayFri MainstreamMS, Plus
Capitol Cutups Carson City, NV FridayFri Plus


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