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Clubs that meet today (Saturday).

Rusty Hinge Squares El Cajon SaturdaySat MainstreamMS
Oaktown 8's Oakland WednesdayWed MainstreamMS, Plus
PACE NorCal Palo Alto ..., Martinez, Menlo Park, Vallejo, Concord, Castro Valley, San Jose, Pleasant Hill Friday, Saturday, SundayFri, Sat, Sun A2, C1, C2, C3A, C3B
Sequoia Squares Visalia SaturdaySat Plus
Boots and Bows Redondo Beach, Torrance Wednesday, SaturdayWed, Sat Plus
Boots and Slippers Simi Valley Monday, SaturdayMon, Sat Plus
Boys 'n Berries Buena Park SaturdaySat Plus
Buckles and Bows Thousand Oaks SaturdaySat Plus
Buttons & Bows Anaheim SaturdaySat Plus
Chevron Squares Anaheim SaturdaySat Plus
Church Mice Garden Grove SaturdaySat Plus
Farmers and Charmers Northridge SaturdaySat Plus
Happy Squares Simi Valley SaturdaySat Plus
Honeycombers Torrance, Rolling Hills Estates Thursday, SaturdayThu, Sat Plus
Lads 'n Lassies Northridge SaturdaySat Plus
Orange Coast Lariats Orange SaturdaySat Plus
Red Ribbons Santa Monica SaturdaySat Plus
Rustlers Garden Grove SaturdaySat Plus
Shirts & Skirts Anaheim SaturdaySat Plus
Trailblazers Westminster Saturday, SundaySat, Sun A2, C1, C2, C3A, C3
Trail Dusters Northridge, Calabasas Wednesday, SaturdayWed, Sat Plus
Valley Trailers Northridge Tuesday, SaturdayTue, Sat MainstreamMS, Plus, A1
PACE Temple City ..., Manhattan Beach, Westminster Friday, Saturday, SundayFri, Sat, Sun C1, C2, C3A, C3, C4
Dapper Dancers Redwood City CLOSEDCLOSED Rounds
Garzienda Vista Tuesday, Wednesday, SaturdayTue, Wed, Sat Rounds
Premier Squares Riverside SaturdaySat A2
Cook's Barn Orangevale Friday, Saturday, SundayFri, Sat, Sun C1, C2, C3A, C3, C4
Redwood Rainbows Sebastopol Monday, Tuesday Thursday, SaturdayMon, Tue Thu, Sat MainstreamMS, Plus, A2, A2, C1, C2
Phantom Squares Canoga Park Friday, Saturday, SundayFri, Sat, Sun A2, C1, C2, C3A
Beaulieu Lakewood Lakewood Saturday, SundaySat, Sun Rounds
Carousel Club 36 Long Beach Monday, Tuesday, SaturdayMon, Tue, Sat Rounds
Otto Somis Friday, Sunday, SaturdayFri, Sun, Sat Rounds
Finch Cedarbrook Garden Grove SaturdaySat Rounds
Kingman Kut-Ups Kingman, AZ SaturdaySat MainstreamMS, Plus
Tri-State River Squares Bullhead City, AZ SaturdaySat MainstreamMS, Plus


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