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May 31–Jun 1

May 31–Jun 1, 2024

Kansas State Square Dance Convention,
Salina, KS

Program: Mainstream, Plus, Rounds

Kansas Wesleyan University Student Activity Building, 100 E Claflin Ave, Salina, KS [MAP]

May 31–Jun 2

May 31–Jun 2, 2024

Let's Get 'Er Done,
Ross Howell, A2, C1, Schertz, TX

Program: A2, C1

Community Center North, 3501 Morning Drive, Schertz, TX [MAP]

May 30–Jun 1

May 30–Jun 1, 2024

Spring Fling,
Wayne and Barbara Blackford, West Columbia, SC

Program: Rounds

Hugh Dimmery Memorial Center, 680 Cherokee Lane, West Columbia, SC [MAP]

May 30–Jun 2

May 30–Jun 2, 2024

Sandie Bryant, C1, C2, Ensdorf, Germany

Program: C1, C2

Kloster Ensdorf, Hauptstr. 9, 92266 Ensdorf, Germany [MAP]

Jun 1

Jun 1, 2024

Bows and Beaus,
Ice Cream Fling Thing, Eric Henerlau, Sue Harris, San Jose, CA

Program: Plus, Rounds

John Muir Middle School, 1260 Branham Lane, San Jose [MAP]

Jun 8

Jun 8, 2024

Strawberry Festival,
SSD and Plus, Palo Alto, CA

Program: SSD, Newer Dancer, Plus

St. Andrews Methodist Church, 4111 Alma St., Palo Alto, CA [MAP]

Jun 13–16

Jun 13–16, 2024

Texas State Square and Round Dance Festival,
Bryan, TX

Program: Mainstream, Plus, A2, Rounds

Brazos County Expo, 5827 Leonard Road, Bryan, TX [MAP]

Jun 14–15

Jun 14–15, 2024

Idaho State Square and Round Dance Festival,
Kamiah, ID

Program: Mainstream, Plus, A2, Rounds

American Legion Hall, 618 Main Street, Kamiah, ID [MAP]

Jun 14–16

Jun 14–16, 2024

Minnesota State Square and Round Dance Convention,
Austin, MN

Program: Mainstream, Plus, A2, Rounds

Jun 14–15

Jun 14–15, 2024

Colorado Square Dance Assn.,
24K Gold Rush, Pueblo, CO

Program: SSD, Mainstream, Plus, A2, C1, Rounds

Colorado State University, 2200 Bonforte Blvd., Pueblo, CO [MAP]

Jun 15–16

Jun 15–16, 2024

Coop Bellini, C4, Willowbrook, IL

Program: C4

Dance hall, Address unknown, Willowbrook, IL [MAP]

Jun 20–22

Jun 20–22, 2024

Danceland Mainstream Weekend,
Manitou Beach, SK

Program: Mainstream, Rounds

Danceland Ballroom, 511 Lake Ave, Manitou Beach, SK [MAP]

Jun 21

Jun 21, 2024

Advanced Squares of Fremont,
Mike Sikorsky, Fremont, CA

Program: A2

Warm Springs Community Center, 47300 Fernald Street, Fremont, CA [MAP]

Rounds by Sue and Phil Harris

Jun 22–26

Jun 22–26, 2024

Roundalab Convention,
Milwaukee, WI

Program: Rounds

Four Points by Sheraton Milwaukee Airport, 5311 South Howell Avenue Milwaukee, WI [MAP]

Jun 23–29

Jun 23–29, 2024

Rocky Mountain Squaredancers,
C1, C2, C3A, C3B, Amal, Sweden

Program: C1, C2, C3A, C3B

Callers: Thomas Bernhed, Jesper Wilhelmsson, Lasse Jagdahl

Jun 26–29

Jun 26–29, 2024

National Square Dance Convention,
Milwaukee, WI

Program: SSD, Mainstream, Plus, A2, C1, Rounds

Wisconsin Center, 400 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, WI [MAP]

Jun 29

Jun 29, 2024

Palo Alto, CA

Program: Plus, Rounds

St. Andrews Methodist Church, 4111 Alma St., Palo Alto, CA [MAP]

Jul 4–7

Jul 4–7, 2024

Carolina Twirl - 2024 IAGSDC Convention,
Durham, NC

Program: SSD, Mainstream, Plus, A2, C1, C2, C3A, C3B, C4

Durham Convention Center, 301 West Morgan Street, Durham, NC [MAP]

Callers: Saundra Bryant, Vic Ceder, Betsy Gotta, Patty Greene, Dayle Hodge, Ted Lizotte, Michael Kellogg

Jul 10–13

Jul 10–13, 2024

ICBDA Convention,
Madison, WI

Program: Rounds

Madison Marriott West, 1313 John Q Hammons Drive, Middleton, WI [MAP]

Jul 11–13

Jul 11–13, 2024

Washington State Square Dance Convention,
Yakima, WA

Program: Mainstream, Plus, A2, Rounds

Yakima Convention Center, 10 N 8th St, Yakima, WA [MAP]

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